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LIFE magazines 1980's. Choose your issue from our listings.

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These LIFE magazines are in good used condition. There is general wear from use and some may have light creases, minor discoloration, or cover wear. There are none with significant tears, or water damage. Please send a message if you have any questions.


The following is a great resource to review the contents of the magazine issue you are interested in buying.


These vintage magazines are great to:


- Frame and display in home or office.

- Gift to someone who has a connection to the content.

- Read about historical events and see how they were viewed in the moment.

- A nice present for someone to read about significant events from their birth year, month, week, or day.

- Add to your collection.

- Use as material for a creative project.


Don't forget to browse through some of our other categories. Many significant events or famous people had coverage within various publications.




Each magazine will come packaged in a protective sleeve with an acid free backer board. Shipping is FREE!


Titles available are listed below:


- "Khomeini's Fierce Outcry Against America", January 1980 (some writing on the cover)


- “The Private Life of Walter Cronkite”, November 1980


- “1980 The year in pictures”, January 1981


- "Teenage America" with Molly Ringwald on the cover, March 1986


- Lee Iacocca on the cover, June 1986


- "America The Wondrous", July 1986


- Caroline Kennedy on the cover, September 1986


- Madonna on the cover, December 1986


- "1986 The Year in Pictures", special issue January 1987


- "The American Way of Fitness" with Christie Brinkley and daughter on the cover, February 1987


- "The Search for Lost Treasures", March 1987


- "The Stars Celebrate Hollywood", April 1987


- “The Great Outdoors" May 1987


- "Baby Craving", June 1987


- "The Other Oliver North", August 1987


- Prince Charles on the cover, September 1987


- Gorbachev on the cover, October 1987


- "MIA are any still alive?", November 1987


- Meryl Streep on the cover, December 1987


- "1987 The Year in Pictures", January 1988


- Speed skater Bonnie Blair on the cover, February 1988


- "Gilda Radner's Answer to Cancer", March 1988


- "Anatomy of a Plane Crash", April 1988


- "Sequel to Gone with The Wind", May 1988


- "Lady and the Champ" with Mike Tyson and Robin Givens on the cover, July 1988


- Pee Wee Herman on the cover, August 1988


- "Our Planet", November 1988


- "150 years of Photography", Fall 1988


- "Special issue Hollywood 1939-1989", Spring 1989


- "The Future and You", February 1989


- Expose of U.S. airports, March 1989


- Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson on the cover, April 1989


- "Puppy Love by Barbara Bush", May 1989


- "The Bra 100 years", June 1989


- Jackie Kennedy on the cover for her 60th, July 1989


- "Finding God on Flight 232", September 1989


- "101 Things Worth Saving", October 1989


- "A Special Kind of Hero", November 1989


- "Our Loss, Her Dream", December 1989