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LIFE magazines 1970's. Choose your issue from our listings.

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These LIFE magazines are in good used condition. There is general wear from use and some may have light creases, minor discoloration, or cover wear. There are none with significant tears, or water damage. Please send a message if you have any questions.


The following is a great resource to review the contents of the magazine issue you are interested in buying.


These vintage magazines are great to:


- Frame and display in home or office.

- Gift to someone who has a connection to the content.

- Read about historical events and see how they were viewed in the moment.

- A nice present for someone to read about significant events from their birth year, month, week, or day.

- Add to your collection.

- Use as material for a creative project.


Don't forget to browse through some of our other categories. Many significant events or famous people had coverage within various publications.




Each magazine will come packaged in a protective sleeve with an acid free backer board. Shipping is FREE!


Titles available are listed below:


- “Our Forgotten Wounded”, 22 May 1970


- “Summer Nomads”, 14 August 1970


- Muhammed Ali on the cover, 23 October 1970


- “The Young Nixon”, 6 November 1970


- “Khruschev Remembers Part 1”, 27 November 1970


- “Khruschev Remembers WW2”, 4 December 1970


- “Organic Food: New and Natural”, 11 December 1970


- “The Buckleys a Gifted American Family”, 18 December 1970


- Ali and Frazier on the cover, 5 March 1971


- “Walter Cronkite A Visit with A Nice Guy”, 26 March 1971


- “High School Pregnancy”, 2 April 1971


- “Inside China”, 30 April 1971


- “Saucy Feminist That Even Men Like Germaine Greer”, 7 May 1971


- “Our Indian Heritage”, 2 July 1971


- “Nixon in the Land of Mao”, 3 March 1972


- “Jackie vs. The Jackie Watcher”, 31 March 1972


- “Vietnam Retreat”, 12 May 1972


- “The Wallace Shooting”, 26 May 1972


- “Namath, The juicy rewards of a painful life” 3 November 1972


- Mickey Mouse on the cover, November 1978